San Antonio


The proposal is for a single family home with three courtyards. The proposal has been located on site to take advantage of passive solar gain, maximize the open space provision and minimize issues of overlooking. It is a modest house in keeping with the height and size of houses in the area.

A car repair and maintenance operation has existed on site for more than 20 years, much of the ground surface is hard standing for car-parking. The site is accessed by a lane-way which passes by the side of and is shared with the main house. The site to the rear generates a substantial volume of traffic.

The proposed house and open space will dramatically improve the area with the repair of existing walls. A modest house built with courtyards and gardens will transform its context. The proposed home is consistent with the principals set out in the Development Plan and the somewhat fractured patterns to the rear of Dalkey Avenue and Castle Street. There is no consistent building type in this area. The image of Historic Dalkey Village is fragmented into multiple building types, sizes and styles from contemporary to Victorian. Our proposal is consistent with the scale and diversity which exists within the area and well placed in this diverse environment.
The design of the proposed house is contemporary, of its time, and based on sound principals of passive design. It takes advantage of its site while respecting the morphology of the area and the amenity of neighboring buildings. The disposition of the building on site takes advantage of its southerly aspect and the potential passive solar energy while maximizing the available and usable open space.